This Studio Lighting workshop will help you see the light.  It’s perfect if you are new to studio lighting or you are finding it difficult and just can’t quite create what you want.

The day will be relatable to both studio and home studio setups.  We will be looking at working in small spaces (so you won’t need a huge studio to achieve the same results).  Starting with one light and moving on to add in more.


  • Hard and soft lighting along with different modifiers and using them to create the image you want.
  • Working in small spaces and still being creative
  • How little changes can make the image completely different.
  • Using Elinchrom Quadras and lighting systems.
  • How light falls on both the subject and the background.
  • Basic Posing.

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Lighting is one of the most important parts of photography. Learning to control the light and shape the subject in flattering ways is one of the fundamental parts of portrait photography.  This workshop is a step towards mastering and understanding that light, taking you to the next level.

Thursday 9th May 2019 – Maidstone

Spaces are limited to 10
Enchanted Photography Studio – Unit 36 Integra, Bircholt Road, Maidstone, Kent ME15 9GQ
9:30 arrival with a 10am start, and a 4pm finish.
Only £129