On-line webinars are the perfect way to learn in your own home.  Its an on-line seminar.  You will be able to ask live questions during the talk, just like if you were at an event.

Below is the information on my current list of webinars available please be aware each one has limited spaces.

Are you struggling with your time?  Finding it hard to stay productive and loosing focus too much?  Ending up on Facebook for hours on end?  Come and join me for this one hour webinar with hints and tips to get you back on track.
*1 hour webinar
*Tips to stay focused
*Looking into productivity, creativity and how our brains work.
*REST – how this is important and how to factor it in. 
*How can you make your workflow easier and manage your time.


Are you confused about your advertising on Facebook.  Maybe your not getting the results you are expecting.  We will delve into the world of marketing and advertising.  Lets start making this work for you.
*2 hour Webinar
*Advertising Basics
*the ins and outs  
*Creating the right Target Audience
*Boosting a post and making it work
*What makes a good or bad advert
*Includes downloadable sheets to help you with your advertising
*Download of the webinar available afterwards