Ha, hoping this title catches your attention but it is relevant to photography I promise.  I want to cover a little subject (I lie its actually huge) on belief.  This does not mean I by any stroke  of the imagination have this belief thing down.  But one of the things I notice about my clients is the ones that hold the belief they can do this, they will do this and keep that level of belief in themselves and their business are the ones that achieve and do.  They seem to attract (you may not sit with my Law of Attraction ways) the right clients, the sales and they keep performing better and better.

You may still be wondering what on earth this has to do with underwear…… our beliefs are deep seated, and its amazing what our brain sees/focus’s on even if its not true any more.  So if you sit their and have had 3 sales this week at £500 or £800 or which ever figure is what you want, if your unconscious belief is that you can not do this you will focus on the 1 sale where they purchased nothing or maybe just one product..  You will automatically focus on all the negative things and not see the positive things even though there are a lot in your life.  Just so you all know I am writing this from being on the journey, I still find myself falling into the negative in different areas of my life.

Soooooo UNDERWEAR lol.
I have lost weight, I have dropped about a dress size, but it appears my beliefs are still that I am the size I was before I lost the weight.  My brain won’t catch up to the reality that my body has changed, and I feel/act like the size I was…. to the point where I had my awesome girlies point out in my new fitted competition dance outfit that my underwear was indeed to big.  I also purchased a second outfit that was too big for me too, believing I was still the other side (They physically had to stand me in front of a mirror and recite my new dress size to me)  You will be pleased to know I have now purchased that new underwear and now starting to replace the clothes in the wardrobe.

But this story is so relevant to business and how what we believe can stop us, even if actually we are on the way to being successful (Which has a different meaning to everyone).  Our mind is a powerful thing and can stop you from enjoying your life.  Take time out to stand yourself in the mirror and list the good things, the successful things and remind yourself you are awesome, that you can and will do this and that your business is perfect right now.

Good luck all you amazing people, hope your all enjoying this sunny weather.



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