The never ending to do list, and forgetting to look after you.

I don’t think this is just a me thing, many photographers I talk to try to do too much.  With a never ending to do list, and a tendency to attempt to do everything in the business yourself (at the beginning unfortunately we often need to)

The biggest downfall in this is we forget to look after ourselves.  Something I often can forget to do, and end up with exhaustion, illnesses and a loss of love for what we are doing.  Remember that to give the best to your clients, you also need to give the best to yourself.  You need to find time to step back, be it going for a walk, meditation, making sure you eat right or even another hobby (mine is dance).  I know I have lost days at the computer editing, admin etc and realised other than to step out to grab food I don’t see anyone or the outside world.

Never look at spending time on self care as selfish, it really isn’t, without it you can’t be your most creative and you definitely don’t have the energy to give the best to your client.

STOP feeling guilty for taking an hour out too (something I often feel)… the work is always going to be there.  The todo list is never going to end, you will always have something else to do.  Prioritise yourself into your day.

Start taking time out each day to look after you, and you will be better at business and photography.

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