This post was going to be about each day, the struggles of getting up and how it made me feel each day.  Unfortunately I managed about 4 days of doing this constantly before it all went wrong.  It says in the book that you can take weekends off of doing it if you want and have a lay-in.  I can safety say DON’T DO THAT!  especially when you have only just started the process, as that was it for me.  The moment I stopped, the routine stopped, and not being fully in the habit yet it was hard to go back (That and family circumstances stressing me out to the point of getting up in the mornings and just being on the go straight away to get things done).

Luckily I am not one to give up if I don’t succeed the first time and today I started it all over again – and its even hot enough to move my yoga mat out on to the balcony in the mornings. To do the yoga/stretching.

I can say even though I only did those 4 days, this morning felt so amazing, and like my body had been missing this part of my daily routine already.  I loved getting back into it and I woke up naturally at 7am to get out in the sunshine (I do think this helps).

On the first four days I downloaded this yoga book below, to help get me started with the poses, I personally prefer a book that putting on the noise of a youtube video etc.  I want to just listen to the sea first thing.

Now I am back in it I will start re-cording my progress again and how it helps my focus, productivity and business.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and make sure you have lots of water and sunscreen.



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