The Coaching Club

I have created this club on a mission to help other photographers and creatives to stay motivated, get the best from life and help everyone move forward instead of staying stuck.  As creative people I have noticed that its often hard for us to ensure a work, life balance.  Its hard for us to stay focused and moving forward.  I have felt the same many times through out my career.

If I am not careful I end up spending a huge amount of time doing, doing, doing and not moving forward tasks but just every day tasks.  Everything in this club I have used to move me forward and to help me gain a life that I love.  Don’t get me wrong there are still times I fall back into old habits, these things need to be done consistently).

I want to help more people to achieve their goals, and realise it is possible to have what they want.  The club is not your ordinary photographer training place.  Although we may look sometimes at imagery, and there will also be lots of business ideas/social media information, the main side of this is mindset.  Mindset is a huge factor in being successful.  Look at anyone at the top of their game, in any line of business and you will notice they have a completely different mindset to everyone else.  Building up this mindset is really important.

Whats included with the club: 
Monthly Themes – There will be tasks each month to help move you and your business forward.  These can be done in one day or spread over the month (1 a week).  The tasks will be fun and eye opening.
Accountability – There is a Facebook Group which will have monthly accountability – this will both be for the tasks (which will have weekly posts) and for your goal for that month.
Bonus Sections – This includes my Facebook Course, a Planning Section (with various to-do lists to help you manage your time efficiently).  These will be constantly added too (the next one being an Instagram section).  I welcome your input on what you would like to see here.
Facebook Group – A place for you to share your wins, your ideas and also to talk about how you are getting on with your tasks.  There will be weekly motivational posts and lots of fun interactive posts.
An Image Just for You – This will also be in the Facebook group.  A monthly fun post where I challenge you to go out and take a photograph just for you.  There will be no critique.  This is just there to get you to step out the business and photograph something for you.

Interested?  The first 10 subscribers will get all this for just £19 per month!  It is subscription based and at the moment its paypal based.  Click subscribe below to join the club 🙂

You are asked for your address on the form…. this is so you can get some little special extra’s delivered (its is optional though)

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