Remembering to step back

The amazing thing about taking time away is you get to step back from the DOING and relax more into the growing.  What do I mean about that, well here I am away at the Southern 100 for the week – its a working holiday.  But the laptop I have is old (my new one broke and now need to look at buying a new one), and I can’t edit on it… all my main work is back at home waiting for me to return, along with my long todo list.  I have no where to be (well except for the races), I am not having to run off to meet some here or have an afternoon of shoots here.  This space gives me the time I need to move forward with the business, so far I have been looking at my social media, thinking of new marketing ideas and working on the website (which massively needed an overhaul – not this one my main biker one).

While I am at home I am constantly in the flow of DOING what is bringing in the money – getting the next edit completed, sending out the e-mails, orders and just on the go go go.  But during this time away I have decided I need to take at least two weeks a year on a working holiday (1 week at a time).  Not so much one where I am off photographing a lot, but one where I can switch off from everything and just work on the planning, the figures and things like the website etc.  Things that get put on the back burner because everything else is much more important.

As soon as I get back I am going to be looking at my diary and getting those weeks booked in.  Are you the same?  Maybe booking a working holiday is just what you need to gain clarity and move forward.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below….

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