Plant Photography – Challenge Shoot 3

Today I had limited time, so this was photographed in about 15 minutes.  I can say when your not in the right mindset it really shows in the outcome.  Today with time limits and being in the wrong mood (ever get that?). Meant today’s shoot was super challenging and very slap dash.

One of the suggestions I had was flowers), but all I have in my office is an Aloe Vera Plant. Plant photography it is!  Today this would have to do.  I first set it up on the table, the same as the last two images.  But to be honest the angle really wasn’t doing anything for me.  Moving the plant to the floor, took the form board from the backdrop and added it underneath.

I used a snoot on my Elinchrom ELB400s to have a really tight light and dramatic shadows.  Took a few images with the light at different heights to see if it effected the plant shadow in anyway.

Here are some of the images I shot leading up to the final image:
Plant Photography in studio  Plant Photography in studio  Plant Photography in studio    Plant Photography in studio
As you can see it took a few different ideas before I found the right angle.  A macro lens as would have been able to get even more creative… maybe I will have to hire one at some point to see.  Especially making sure its different.

Unfortunately I don’t have as many BTS today as I had been trying to work quickly.  The photograph below was captured in one shot. With editing I cleaned up the card of any marks, and added a texture layer from Perfect Effects from On1 – I love that software for things like this.

Plant photography in studio with flash

To see why I am doing this challenge and what it is check out my original post on my blog:

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