Photography Challenge 2019!

I must be crazy…. but I am noticing as sometimes happens when you work as a photographer, your creativity levels disappear a bit.  I love what I do don’t get me wrong.  But I want to push myself, my comfort zones and my creativity levels.   I have a challenged myself to photograph different subjects/locations/styles at least for the first 6 months of the year.  And to do a minimum of 1 of these shoots a week.

To make this challenge even harder, I have decided to let you decide what it is I am going to photograph!!  For you to give me the challenge.  I will be videoing, grabbing BTS and also showing you how I shoot the subject.  Including any failures I have (Which is bound to happen along the way – hopefully we can all laugh at them).

You will be able to suggest subjects over on any of my social media accounts – but most of the lives and images will be in my Instagram stories… and I will also blog about each one too.

So I fully except this challenge and I am ready to move forward with it…. TAKES A DEEP BREATH AND STEPS OFF THE DEEP END.

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