Photo Challenge Week 1

So even though I know I started this a while ago. I failed miserably at doing this.  I used so many excuses under the sun to not do it.  Isn’t it funny how we do that, make silly excuses for something that should be fairly easy.

On Tuesday I stepped up and owned that I hadn’t been doing them. So only 6 days in this blog post.  All week I stayed on my 85mm prime Nikon Lens.

Day 1 – Tuesday

I was almost going to wait until Wednesday to re-start the daily image challenge.  But then I thought NO!  I need to start it today and stop giving excuses.  This is the day I put up the live and asked all you amazing people on instagram to hold me accountable.  If you want to see these images from a daily perspective then head to my instagram and check out the stories.

I have to admit finding a subject is one of the hardest parts of this challenge and then making it stand out in some way is even harder!
This rose was photographed (as you can see in the BTS) by lighting it with my bedside lamp!  WARNING – don’t try this at home it can break lamps lol.
Camera Settings – f2.8 – 1/80 – ISO500

  Photography, lit by a lamp, rose, shallow depth of field

Day 2 – Wednesday

Today I was determined to find something to photograph on my walk to work, rather than in the office/home.  I had in my mind decided there would be loads of ideas on a walk – I was wrong lol.  Waking up that morning to a damp and grey day, with no real light ambient light to use to create any effect was no fun!

On the walk I found this amazing tree with cups hanging from it, but I just didn’t have the right lens and I didn’t want to walk onto someone’s garden when the ground was so wet.  Suddenly as I was walking I saw a mini and as I looked down saw the reflection in the puddle.  Yes!  This is todays image!  On a side note I forgot to take the BTS so unfortunately I took it on the way home when it was a lot darker 🙁
Camera Settings – f2.8 – 1/160 – ISO: 200

   Car wheel, photography, photograph, reflection, Mini

Day 3 – Thursday

I don’t walk in on a Thursday and it the wind today was so crazy there was no way I would be heading outside to photograph.  So it was back to looking in the studio space for ideas.  Upstairs the Christmas tree has been put away but just in the corner.  I looked at it a few times and then thought I wonder how I can make this different and creative.  I soon decided to see about capturing the red bauble with the tinsel on the tree behind it.  With a shallow depth of field and enough distance between the bauble and the tree I knew it would look a bit more creative.
I did have to get help for this as holding the bauble arm distance away didn’t allow the camera enough distance to focus on it.  So I persuaded a friend to hold it for me.
Camera Settings – f2 – 1/100 – ISO: 1000 (it was very dark when I shot this).

    Christmas bauble, photography, photograph, red, tinsel, spakles

Day 4 – Friday

Blurgh more rain.  And tonight I was going to be in the studio till 10pm (ish)  There was nothing on the walk in to inspire (esp with the horrible weather).  As I was sat at the desk I thought about the rain and wondered how to capture the drops on the windows.  It was quite challenging, at first I had one of the girls shine the car lights through the window thinking that would light the droplets.  Lets just say if the window isn’t floor level this will never work lol.  The lights were just too low and too bright.  Next one of my friends offered to hold their phone torch through the window to light the drops…. I can also let you know this was far too bright as well and created hotspots that just didn’t work with what I had in my head.  Finally I realised I needed to step out into the rain and shoot the window looking in with the spotlights creating the ambient lighting in the image.
This definitely took more effort than I thought it would.
Camera Settings – f2 – 1/125 – ISO: 500

   raindrops, rain, window, lights,

Day 5 – Saturday

I can’t lie… I came close to forgetting today as I was concentrating on re-creating this website, editing extra.  Not sure what the weather was doing,  but looking around I wondered what I could do with the fairy lights hanging against the mirror (Plus in the Coaching Club we currently have a photography challenge about reflections).  Thinking back to the last few days and using the shallow depth of field to create these images, I decided to take that approach again.  Making the Bokeh look you see below.  Focusing on just one of the little fairy lights.
Camera Settings – f2 – 1/100 – ISO: 400

   Lights, shallow depth of field, photography, mirror, reflections, natural light

Day 6 – Sunday

This week Sunday is the day I photograph one of the challenges off my list from you all.  Kick starting this with the Tattoo challenge.  Luckily I had male model Patrick coming to the studio (Find him on Instagram or Purpleport).  I am surprised to say this is the first shot in the daily image to have flash.  Using my Elinchrom Quadra’s – ELB400s.
Image one is using just one light, with a 130 x 50 stripbox.
Image Two is with two lights – both with 130 x 50
I am a little annoyed with myself as I meant to take a pull back image so you could all see the light set up!  But in the moment and concentrating on getting the shoot I wanted, I completely forgot 🙁 Both lights were feathered across the body.
Camera Settings – f16 – 1/125 – ISO200

Male model, black and white, tattoo, tattoos, male, photography, photographer  Male model, black and white, tattoo, tattoos, male, photography, photographer

Beginning to really enjoy this challenge and it is definitely making me look at things in a different way.  Different angles, different depth of fields.  If you want to see more about my challenge and didn’t know I was doing it then check out the original blog post:

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