My one to one coaching sessions take place using something similar to skype (Zoom).
There is so much we can cover in these sessions, be it a one off booster session or if your looking for something more regular to help guide you along the way.

One off Booster Session (90 minutes) – £90
If your struggling to get motivated,  or have a specific issue you really want to look at in your photography, business or work/life balance.  Its 90 minutes to allow for us to really look into where you are now and how to move you forward.
What we can cover:
Social Media/marketing
Work/life balance
Pricing and structure
Goal Setting (and the steps to move forward)
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on what you are looking for help with.

Coaching Packages
Looking for regular coaching?  Someone to help you move forward constantly, be accountable to?
Having a regular coach helps people to stay motivated and focused on their business without being side tracked on other things.  It can help develop the business and keep it moving forward.
Often we are all working alone and having that extra person to look at ideas with, break them down and look at steps just really helps keep you at 100%.I have two regular coaching packages, both packages last for 12 months (you can take the sessions anytime within a 12 month period)
12 One hour one to one Coaching sessions – £600 (works out at £50 per session)
6 One hour one to one Coaching sessions – £360 (Works out at £60 per session)

Choose your Package