Judgement and Perfection

These are both topics that I see in conversation nearly every day.  We live in a world right now where I feel judgement is at its highest….. you are judged for what you wear, what you post, who you are friends with.  On social media we are pushed to create a perfect life like our friends… showing the good stuff.  Showing the holidays etc.  And then not forgetting the people who feel safe judging you on the internet as they are behind a screen.  The people who have decided that something you do or show isn’t up to their standards or beliefs.

It makes me sad sometimes to see this world.  Makes me sad that people are so closed off to each other and disconnected from everything other than their own facts and beliefs.  If they haven’t felt something or done something the way you have then the empathy isn’t there to give and they judge you be it harsh or otherwise.

The worst judgement though is the judgement we give to ourselves…. especially as photographers.  We judge our work on others instead of what we achieved yesterday or the last shoot.  We judge our business on what others are “doing” and I use the term loosely as its only what you see and what you see isn’t behind closed doors.  Instead of sharing your art you stop and hold yourself back should someone say something in judgement about it.  You worry what others will think of you and who you truly are.
But you are you… be proud of that person and don’t hide it to please others.
Show your work, some will appreciate it, some won’t understand it and yes there will be some who judge.

BUT stop judging yourself, as long as you are doing the best you can do in that moment then what you are doing is perfect.  Its what you should be doing.  Its who you are or on the way to becoming who you want to be.  Photograph what you love, and show the world.

PERFECTION doesn’t exist and it never will… no image, person, business is perfect.  It is just where it is meant to be in the moment.

The best thing you can do for yourself is LET GO of that voice in your head that is judging you even before others.  Because this voice isn’t real and its not who you are.  Embrace you, your passions and your business.  BE YOU, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

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