Feeling overwhelmed? You’re not the only one

I am working on it…. looking at different ways to ease the overwhelm.  The feeling that I have 101 things that need doing right now, and I mean RIGHT NOW!!  I think we all feel this….. your not alone.  We seem to live in a fast pace world at the moment, a world where you are meant to have it all together, a world where you are expected to look and be perfect.  Where you feel guilty for not replying to someone within 5 minutes – and even FB sends you notifications to say don’t forget keep up your response etc.
Where you say yes to everything leaving no time to complete everything you have said yes too (trying saying no once in a while).

You scroll though the newsfeed of your social media and see so many people who have it altogether…. they have the balance of work and life.  Look at that holiday they are posting images of.  Look at that smiley face as they head out on a girlie or men”ie” night out.  They have the perfect life!  They are busy.  I can safely say they do not always have it together.

Wish that was me.  I must be missing out – you think – Wish I was living life to the full, wish I was (Traveling/in italy/that busy/eating that cake and staying small/ had the will to exercise/eat healthy)
90% of us have these thoughts… its just if you listen to them or not… or if you listen to the true on inside that is who you are (not the ones in your head that like you to feel bad).

Then there is the fear of getting it wrong, the fear of letting people down, the fear that you won’t get it perfect.  What is this fear about – we are human, not one single on of us is perfect!  But sometimes we forget that, and sometimes I see others judging people for it when they are not perfect themselves.

Will I make the right decision, will I choose the correct path – HEY you can change the damn path as much as you like…. you can do a giant U-turn and drive 100 miles per hour in the other direction if its not for you.  There is no right and wrong – but we forget this in our effort to be perfect.

I am writing this to let you know you are not alone.  I feel this every day, I feel the need to be perfect even though I am just me and I should celebrate the fact I am not.  I should rejoice in being who I am – something I am constantly discovering along the way.

If you only get 5 things ticked off your to do list today – I am telling you that is OK!  You are doing the best you can, you are not a machine you are HUMAN!!  And we are awesomely imperfect.

You are also not someone else (I feel this will be another blog post) but every single one of us is different we have different needs, wants, desires, bodies.  Don’t try and be the next Jerry Ghionis, Joe Mcnally or Tamara Lackey (who is such and awesome and beautiful person)… be the next YOU!!!

Michelle xx


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