Are you struggling to make Facebook work for your business?  Are you confused on what adverts are what?  Are you wondering what you should post?

This course will cover everything from basics through to advertising and more.  Whether you are starting your page, or have been running it for years there is information for all of you.   

Videos are in small segments with titles and descriptions so you can find the best information for you without having to watch hours of footage to find it.

Videos include: 

*Basics – including what to post
*Creating organic reach
*Understanding Insights
*Advert manager
*Private Facebook group for everyone on the course. 
*and more

Videos will be updated when Facebook make changes to make sure you have the most relevant information. .  

LIVE ROUND – the 1st week of January you will be receiving a weekly e-mail (and posts in the FB Group) with challenges, tasks and videos to kick start your 2018!


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