Are you confused about your advertising on Facebook.  Maybe your not getting the results you are expecting.  We will delve into the world of marketing and advertising.  Lets start making this work for you.

*2 hour Webinar
*Advertising Basics
*the ins and outs  
*Creating the right Target Audience
*Boosting a post and making it work
*What makes a good or bad advert
*Includes downloadable sheets to help you with your advertising
*Download of the webinar available afterwards

“Facebook advertising can offer good returns in investment but unless you know what you are doing you will see little or sometimes no return at all. Michelle clearly has an in depth knowledge of Facebook that really helps to break down this method of advertising, I was amazed just how far you can drill down into your target audience. 

Michelle’s seminars are clear and well thought through, I am sure everyone can benefit from her knowledge no matter where you are on you social media journey”

Dave Nelson


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