Ahhh the about me page, and the one page I always struggle with writing.  I know I am not the only one.

My aim for this website is to help photographers to grow, to move forward and to learn from my lessons along the way.  Hopefully to help you not make the mistakes I have done over the years.

I am Michelle Szpak (an ambassador for The Flash Centre) , I have been a professional photographer since March 2005 – starting part-time and eventually going full time in 2010.

My journey has been an interesting one.  In 2009 I opened my first studio,  moving to a new more high street based studio in March 2011.  I had a wonderful team, and focused on family portraiture.  I built my studio using social media as the main source of bookings and awareness, growing my first Facebook page to 8000, which still today brings me clients.

In 2014 I found my passion for photographing motorcycles, and realised that I had lost the passion for spending all my time in the studio.  Working the hours I was in the studio and not allowing myself the time to have work life balance resulted in me having some emotional breakdowns.  One of these luckily was on a course with Tamara Lackey and with her guidance I made a choice, to close the studio and put more time/effort into motorcycles, while keeping location portraiture at the same time.  Along side this change I made the move to the coast (Eastbourne) a dream of mine to live by the sea.

Working from home again helped me to gain back my work/life balance which is something I recommend you all look at whether studio or home based, to ensure you don’t burn out from your passion.

For many photographers, photography is the passion and not the business.  I am lucky that I enjoy the business side, especially the marketing as well as being behind the camera and I love being able to help others on their photography journey.