2019 Photography Challenge – Shoot 1 – Water Bottle

Welcome to my 2019 Photography Challenge – Shoot 1 – Water Bottle.  This first challenge I set myself  and as I started the challenge before I decided to let all of you choose my topic!  I didn’t have long to photograph and I decided to look around me on my desk and pick something that was just around me.  The water bottle I had just purchased yesterday and I thought why not.

Next was to look at the kit I had and decide what I would use to photograph it with and on!  I found a piece of black card that I use when I shoot motorcycles to control the light.

Setting up my Elinchrom ELB400 – with a 130 x 50 Rotalux Stripbox.  Using my old office desk as a table (I wanted to use it to keep the black theme).  I used my Nikon D700 and 85mm 1.8 Nikkor lens to shoot.

My first thought was to cut out all the ambient light so my first image, is all black so I have full control with the flash.  This took me to set the camera at f8 – 1/200th – ISO200.

  then take a random picture with flash…..   DEFINITELY NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND LOL.

But with a few adjustments (basically turning the light away from the backdrop and moving the black card a little further away I started getting somewhere.

So next I gave the bottle a little clean because I didn’t want finger prints all over it and replaced it onto the table (although at a slightly different angle).

Ok all good… but to be honest I decided it was a little bland, so started adding some water to the table and water on the bottle dripping down. Then it lead to more and more water being added.  Although I liked the reflection the the water was creating with the bottle.

I still felt it need more, which is when I pulled in an assistant to help me with water throwing (If I was going down the product route as a photographer I think I would be purchasing a trigger).  So it went something like this…..


Final image created from three different images composited together in Photoshop….

Which created this final image:

How much fun can product photography be, its surprised me.  I am sure that it has its duller moments, but throwing water had me smiling a lot!  Would I shoot this differently if I chose the same subject again, yep.  Wonder if it would have been better maybe having the bottle full or empty rather than part filled.  Certainly have to play with this again in the future to see what looks better.

I would like to photograph this either with a purple gel or with a purple background.  It’s been added to photography list to see if I can take this subject even further.  I may even photograph the bottle again in 6 months to see if this challenge gives me new creative ideas.  It will be interesting to see.

I would love your comments on this project/challenge, and on this shoot itself.  Please leave them below or message me 🙂  Let me know if you try this too? Would love to see your images.  If you missed why I am doing this then check out my blog post on the challenge itself – http://photographer2photographer.co.uk/photography-challenge-2019.

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  1. So inspirational! I would never have thought of using water in this way.

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