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One Light Photography Workshop

Eastbourne - 24th March 2019

Master One Light Lighting in studio and on location with this one day course.

Lighting is what creates an image and understanding how to use one light to the best of your ability can take your photography to the next level.

Motorcycle Lighting Workshop

Rotherham - 23rd June 2019

Learn how Michelle lights her well known dramatic motorcycle photography.

Looking at how to light the details as well as the bike overall.

Learning in both studio and industrial environments.

Mastering Studio Lighting Workshop

Maidstone - 9th May 2019

New to studio lighting. This is the perfect course for you to step into.

You will be learning about the different accessories, and when to use them. One Light photography, posing and more.

2019 Personal Photography Challenge

2019 brings a new year and new drive for me to move forward both personally and professionally.

With my Life Coach I have decided to take on a 2019 personal photography challenge.

Photographer words....

“I’m motorbike mad, I love bikes and cameras, I am also a professional photographer. When I saw Michelle Spak’s lighting for motorbikes seminar advertised I just had to go along. I spent the day with Michelle and the team at The Flash Centre in Birmingham and I was blown away by the way she shaped light; the simple but effective portable lighting was all explained, and the way she gets those stylised images all started to make sense. I learned a lot and was totally inspired by her enthusiasm for the subject. The course was well paced and informative and the opportunity for everyone to get hands on experience was excellent. I have admired her work with motorbikes for may years and never thought she would tell anyone her secrets about this and I know many have asked her; it was a privilege to be there, thank you, Michelle.”

Sandra Ford LMPA QGPP (Attended Motorcycle Lighting Workshop 2018)

Car wheel, photography, photograph, reflection, Mini

Photo Challenge Week 1

So even though I know I started this a while ago. I failed miserably at doing

Smoke photography, smoke portrait, smoke and studio lighting, studio lighting, male photography

Smoke photography in the studio

It’s always good to try something a little different in the studio occasionally and today was

Plant photography in studio with flash

Plant Photography – Challenge Shoot 3

Today I had limited time, so this was photographed in about 15 minutes.  I can say

Chinese money frog; Smoke; Photography; Product Photography

Shoot 2 – Chinese money frog and smoke

Today I tried a Chinese money frog with smoke images.  Having always wanted to play with

What I do…..

Helping You Understand Light

I love light, be it ambient or flash. I love how light creates the images.

You can look at the most boring location but it becomes something dramatic with lighting. Light creates the emotion and atmosphere in an image.

My workshops and teachings on this website are here to help you learn and take your photography to the next level.

Work Life Balance Awareness

As Photographers we often lose balance. Because Photography is our passion, we can easily become consumed with the business. This makes us lose sight of why we are doing it in the first place or worse burn out.

I have been through this myself and aim to help photographers catch it before it happens to them.


Social Media Advice

My teaching initially started helping photographers learn to market their business through the various social medias. It is still a big part of what I teach.

Coaching, Support and Accountability

A Photography business can be a lonely journey to navigate. Having been a full-time photographer now for over 12 years I understand just how hard that road can be.

Sometimes we just need the support to grow and move forward. We just need someone to tell use the believe in us.


Your business needs to be running well for you to be able to move it forward.
It could be Marketing, Websites, Pricing, and even just workflow.

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